DigiCad 3D 10 – Innovation in photogrammetry and cartography

DigiCad 3D is an architectural and aerial photogrammetry, cartography and mapping program born in 1987 and continuously renewed to follow the developments of the technique. We started from graphics tablets and large digitizers to get to drones and the future is not over yet.

To better meet new needs and new technological challenges, the program has been completely rewritten, both as a user interface and as an analytical code, using a cross-platform development system with advanced features and including new software technologies.

From Google Maps to Domus.Cad with Map2Cad

Map2Cad is a module of Domus.Cad Pro and Std, which enables you to import both satellite and road maps from Google Maps.

Maps are imported with actual measurements and represented in the video scale selected in Domus.Cad.

The main features of Map2Cad are:

  • Internal browser for viewing maps, with the Google Maps functions integrated
  • Import of maps
  • Managing a list of maps
  • Inserting the maps from the list into Domus.Cad
  • Maps are imported with actual measurements

The use of Map2Cad is very simple and allows for the integration of each of the Google maps features in Domus, including search functions, display choices, street view and more.

When you choose Map2Cad from the Domus.Cad Modules menu, the following dialog box appears:image01

On the left, a list of previously imported maps appears.

What’s new in land modelling

Version 10 of Nonio C, a program for land modeling and 3D display, was released.Major novelties include:  New interactive modeling function, using mouse to move selected points vertically or horizontally. All windows, contours, colors, sections and 3D views are updated real time. > Breaklines introduced by mouse intervene immediately on terrain , canceling old triangles…

Interstudio “takes the road”

Interstudio ‘takes the road’ with an internationally acclaimed road design program> Interstudio is delighted to announce that it is taking up the worldwide development and support of HighRoad, the advanced road design software, designed by Chris Baker of Creative Engineering, which we have distributed in Italy for the past ten years.> The ongoing development of…

DigiCad 3D 8.5 : What’s new?

DigiCad 3D is already well-known as a state-of-the-art program for the photogrammetry and cartography sectors.  Now it is offers some brilliant new functions for working with photographic images. Digital cameras are now widely used in architectural photogrammetry.  Unfortunately their big advantages (speed and ease of use) are often outweighed by the disadvantage of their not-very-wide-angle…