Domus.Cad Pro – Design without compromise

Domus.Cad ProThe new version of Domus.Cad is out – and it’s called Domus.Cad Pro.

No more numbers – we had reached version 16 – we’re starting at 1 of Domus.Cad Pro, where Pro stands for Professional, as opposed to the version Std (Standard), also being released.

Lots of new features that make Domus.Cad increasingly the best professional architecture and parametric program for architects worldwide.

DigiCad 3D 9 – The latest in photogrammetry

Interstudio has released DigiCad 3D 9 for Mac Os X. The Windows version will be out soon. The new version contains lots of new features, including: New algorithms for transforming images, for image rectification and irregular surfaces, too. Not only have we made the function much faster, it is also more accurate outside of attach…

CAD for Mac

The evolution of CAD on Macintosh


When the first Macintosh 128 K came out in 1984, it had 3 programs, each of which – in their own way – were the basis for generations of other programs, many of which are commonly used today.

These programs were MacWrite, MacPaint and MacDraw (for vectorial drawing).

All three used the new graphic user interface and a new pointing device called a “mouse”. Also, they were WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) – what you see on the monitor is what comes out when printed.

Nowadays this seems normal, but then, it wasn’t. In fact, even today many CAD users, particularly AutoCad™, do not adopt this philosophy, and the video and print versions of the drawing are completely different.

MacWrite was the prototype of all word processing software that followed, including Microsoft Word, whose first version was created on Macintosh.

Domus.Cad 16 – What’s new?

Vectorial rendering, the new vectorial rendering engine allows the user to obtain editable elevations, sections, perspectives, axonometries and in a way as the interactive 3D view, generating high quality and very detailed drawings, colored with the same colors as the interactive 3D view. New graphic interface, the palettes are functionally modified and re-arranged, grouping icons with similar…

Door-to-door sales tecniques

Back in the sixties, a company called Gorlier devised a marketing technique destined to become famous and much imitated.

It was based on the idea of giving their encyclopaedias away free, instead of selling them.  The salesman would tell you the encyclopaedia was being offered to you free-of-charge, in return for your endorsement of the product, to be used in a future advertising campaign.  Great!  “I’ll take them”, said everyone, but – and, of course, there had to be a ‘but’!

Convert, view and print DWG, DXF and DWF

Interstudio released CAD File Converter, a program to convert, view and print DWG, DXF and DWF files, supporting all the format 12 … 2011.

CAD File Converter is the key that gives you access to drawings in the most common CAD formats, by making them compatible with your own graphic programmes – even if not the latest versions – visualising them and printing in PDF format.

Main functions are:

What’s new in land modelling

Version 10 of Nonio C, a program for land modeling and 3D display, was released.Major novelties include:  New interactive modeling function, using mouse to move selected points vertically or horizontally. All windows, contours, colors, sections and 3D views are updated real time. > Breaklines introduced by mouse intervene immediately on terrain , canceling old triangles…

Interstudio “takes the road”

Interstudio ‘takes the road’ with an internationally acclaimed road design program> Interstudio is delighted to announce that it is taking up the worldwide development and support of HighRoad, the advanced road design software, designed by Chris Baker of Creative Engineering, which we have distributed in Italy for the past ten years.> The ongoing development of…